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We’re at War April 14, 2018

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We’re at war – but with who?

So we bombed Syria yesterday.  What does this mean to you?

Will Syria retaliate?  Sure, but will that affect the average US citizen, and in what way?  What actions could Syria take that would matter to Americans on US soil?  Well barring small scale terrorist-like attacks, not much.  But what if Russia feels obligated to respond as protector of the current Syrian leader?  This could get dangerous.  While as far as we know, Russian military strength aint what it used to be, it is still formidable, and an entirely different animal then the meager defenses of middle eastern states that we’ve been harassing for over a decade.

It is likely that we will find out soon, the path Putin decides to take.  We should all hope that it is one of condemnation without escalation.  If it goes to escalation, we are all in for a long, bumpy ride – or worse.

In these situations, I find it best to control what you can, and don’t freak out about what you can’t.

What can you do to minimize the personal damage to your well being?

Make sure that you’re hedged against the most likely outcomes – whatever you feel those outcomes are.  If you own stocks, maybe you want to move some investment into stocks that will increase in value if another cold war fires up.  If you are invested in gold, maybe you buy more.  If you like real estate, maybe you invest in areas that will have a growing economy in these situations (military base towns).  Maybe you invest in firearms, sugar, penicillin, and iodine.

Whatever your future vision consists of, if you do not have the flexibility to do what you want with your money, you are not prepared.  How can you possibly prepare for the worst if you are represented financially by someone who has their own best interests in mind rather than yours?

Take some time to think about your future plans.  Does your current financial road map lead you to your future goals?  Is your adviser on the same page as you?  Why don’t you take control of your retirement savings and your future with you at the helm.

Call Longboat Retirement today for a free No Pressure conversation.  We are not salesmen who work off of commission, so don’t fret that you’ll talk to some fast-talking, slimy sales person who wants nothing but to close the deal.  Frankly, we don’t care if you decide to go another way – it’s your money, do as you wish.  Call anytime, or visit our website to see what we’re all about.



Little Red Viking


What if Trump is Impeached? January 17, 2018

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What if Trump is Impeached?

What if new information was found that proved that Trump conspired with Putin to scam the US Presidential election?

What would be the effect on the stock market?

What if Clinton is jailed or at least convicted of all of the crimes she has committed over the last 30 years?

What would be the effect on the stock market?

What if the investigation into the Russian meddling of the election found nothing actionable?

How would this affect your 401K?

These are questions that you should be asking yourself.

If there is one thing that anyone with a brain should take from all of the he said, she said stuff in the news, it is that Washington DC is a dirty, corrupt place. It is a pit of vipers.

Washington DC is a shit hole.

Make sure you have taken appropriate measures to protect yourself from the likely stock market implosion when all Hell brakes loose. While we are all riding the wave as the tide is rising, when the big bath tub has its plug pulled, it’s gonna get ugly.

Don’t get yourself so vested in your emotional opinion of who is the Devil.

Get yourself in the position to react quickly to whatever transpires with the DC shit hole.

We can set you up with a Solo 401K in less than a week, that will allow you much greater efficiency and flexibility than what you are currently using. And, we won’t push you into investments or even suggest any.

Do whatever you want with YOUR MONEY.





Trump’s Stock Market Bubble December 10, 2017

The US stock market is continuing it’s rise beyond any rational level.  The Trump administration can probably claim some credit, but should it?  Is this a big old bubble, ready to pop any day?  Probably.  Will Trump take the credit for the crash?  Probably not.  Wether you are on the Red Team or Blue Team, you need to recognize a bubble when you see it – no matter which team is currently taking credit or blaming the other colored team.  It’s all the same.

The best way to cover your ass is to put someone in charge of your investments that has your best interest in mind – YOU.

Your stockbroker or investment manager or financial planner has their best interests in mind, not yours.  Make no mistake.

A Solo 401k enables you to invest in what you want, when you want it.  There are no fees, no waiting for permission, and no middle man.  Buy when you want, and sell when you want.

Stop paying for someone else to make decisions for you.


End of Tax Year Sale! December 5, 2017

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It’s that time again…Time for the end of year sale!

If you’ve been procrastinating setting up your retirement plan, now’s your chance.  For the month of December, I’ve decided to cut the cost of set up to $1,500.  Save yourself some cash and get it off your “To Do” list.  Give us a call or send an email.  Our Solo 401k package is fast, safe, and powerful.  We don’t cross sell.  We don’t sell names, numbers, or addresses like those other fools.  We have no interest in selling you bridges to nowhere, or ocean front property in Kansas.  We don’t walk on water or cure cancer.  We create retirement plans that give you control over your retirement savings – that’s it.



Diversified Portfolio February 28, 2017

Over and over I hear the mantra “Diversified Portfolio” – but what does that mean?

Diversification means different things to different people.

Most however, think that it means they own stocks in several industries that counteract each other. In other words, they own two stocks – if one goes down, the other goes up. No two stocks are going to perfectly counteract the other, but a person can come close with lots of research.

Other people (including myself) contend that investment diversification must also include investment class diversification and international diversification. In other words, you should own things other than stocks, things like metals, currencies, bonds, real estate, and even international investments.

The argument could be made that a world wide downturn would hurt all of these things. Well….sure, maybe, but maybe not. Generally “safe harbor” investments and “contrarian” investments like gold, and certain currencies (Norway, Switzerland) tend to go up during world wide downturns.

Now, being a guy that does not give investment advice, I’m not going to advocate any particular investment, or even investment class, or even investment style….but do your research, and diversify…..and I mean really diversify, not just own a bunch of U.S. stocks.


What Does a Trump Presidency Mean to Your Retirement Savings? February 22, 2017

How will the Donald Trump Presidency affect your retirement?

If you believe the big media outlets, he is going to steal your wallet and your retirement account.

I doubt that this is the case. But, how would I know?

While we are certainly overdue for a market correction in the U.S., the timing of a correction is of course the million dollar question.

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again; I am not in the business of predicting the stock market. I am in the business of helping people diversify their retirement savings through the set up of self directed retirement accounts.

In other words, it should not matter what the U.S. stock market does. My clients have the flexibility to move in and out of the market when ever they choose. Or, if they choose to have zero dollars in the stock market, they can do that too. If they choose to pull out of the market and hold cash, they can. If they choose to hold metals, or real estate, they can.

The point I am trying to make is that true diversification requires more than owning several stocks from different industries in the U.S. stock market. True diversification necessitates ownership of a variety of investment classes, as well as investment location diversification. When you have your retirement savings invested in stocks, bonds, real estate, foreign markets, and metals, you can call yourself diversified.

The best way to diversify your retirement savings is through a Solo 401k – accept no substitute.

Give Longboat a call or send us an email. We are not slick salesman; we are real people.